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The beginning of an epic journey

After finishing my first novel and receiving some brutally honest reviews, I set the work aside and turned my attention to the magazine venue, starting with a story initially intended as a series of chapters to be published monthly, hoping to both polish my craft and set my feet on the rungs of the literary ladder. There wasn't much to the tale at that time, and only the briefest sketch made it to my computer before Life happened. I read a great deal, absorbing dozens of possibilities while I waited for the freedom to explore my own muse. Once I was again able to return, several years later, to my imagined world, I discovered that it had unexpectedly grown.

It wasn't long before I realized I had to decide on the basic premise for my emerging vampire culture. The more I played with the story, the more I found myself asking, "What is it really like to be a vampire?" There are too many opinions, written by too many people who insist their version is correct - so much to choose from. After exploring numerous online sites and reading several more books both in fiction and non-fiction, I realized I had the freedom to create something new in a genre that has been, over the centuries, driven into the ground. I considered the vampire condition, compared all the works I had seen or read, accepted some aspects and discarded those that made no logical sense. I've written several articles on my blogsite entitled Reinventing the Vampire Genre, and these explain my take on the subject. When I added a touch of Faith, the lights came on, and my first true vampire friends were born.

I began with a Scottish vampire, named him Joshua MacAaron, and told him he was an almost three-hundred-year-old loner. I placed him in the path of a profoundly innocent child named Catherine "Katie" Mills, and from there, the story took off on its own. Over time, and given all I've learned since, the story has evolved, but the original plot remains the same.

Joshua's mortal life began on the moors of Scotland in 1714, and he was brought into darkness in 1737. Deeply hurt by events in his distant past, he avoids all but the most casual brushings with mortal beings as much as possible. Mother Nature and her children become his closest friends, and he believes he's following the path he was destined to take until he encounters Catherine. The power of her innocence, her joy of life even under the difficult situation of her impoverishment, tugs at his heart with uncommon persistence. In the nine years that follow, he is compelled to protect her from harm, until at last he decides to introduce himself to her in the hopes that he can understand the strange power she has over him.

Since the day her father died, Katie had set aside all dreams save one - the desire to find a good job and provide a better life for herself and her mother. Romance is the farthest thing from her mind until the night she meets Joshua. His extraordinary good looks and old-fashioned Scottish mannerisms attract her like no other ever had. She agrees to date with him, and slowly develops deep friendship and affection for this unusual stranger. On the night when she's ready to confess her love, she is brutally introduced to the truth of his existence. Her struggle to reconcile herself between love and an uncontrollable, primitive terror nearly tears the two of them apart.

But finding the path to acceptance isn't the end of this tender tale, because danger strikes Haven's Realm, drawing Joshua away and leaving Catherine at the mercy of the Community's Council. Alone in their treacherous world, she must find the courage necessary to defy her fate and fulfil her destiny.

Since Joshua and Catherine's initial debut, my fans have consistently asked for more information about the quiet, thoughtful couple. Much to my surprise, they seem to have become the "Luke and Laura" of the vampire Community. It may have something to do with the fact that this is the only truly tender romance in the series. I promise you will see much more of them in the future as the Haven's Realm saga unfolds.

Joshua and Catherine's story introduces readers to the Community and most of the prime players, and outlines the basics of their culture. Many of the characters introduced here will have stories of their own to tell. They have submitted their requests, and I told them each to "take a number and go sit down." I have a lot of characters in mind, and plots percolate in my head like an overzealous coffee pot. Is it any wonder I don't sleep much at night?

Treacherous Destiny is a sweet, tender romance with erotic elements, written for the mature reader. I'm certain you will fall in love with Joshua and Catherine just as I did, and enjoy every word. If you've read Twilight Destiny, I encourage you to revisit the MacAarons when the new novel is, at long last, rereleased, because I've improved the story so much it will seem like new.

~ Tamara Monteau

Reviews for Twilight Destiny:

4 out of 5 stars - Wonderful Love Story
by Rhonda Valverde, "VampireRomanceBooks.com and ThatsErotica com"

"Joshua and Catherine are the central characters in this romantic story. I loved the two of them together. Their personalities are very similar, and they made sense as a couple...
Monteau wrote the perfect love story to fit her character's personalities. In the beginning it was a traditional courtship, and very innocent. The budding relationship was caring and sweet, and as it progressed it grew more passionate. "

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January, 1994 -
Original concept born, writing began

September 9, 2003 -
Registered with the LOC as Dark destiny

August, 2008 -
Self-published through AuthorHouse as Twilight Destiny

July, 2011 -
Republished through Secret Cravings Publishing

September, 2015 -
All books removed from sale - publisher bankrupt. Began rewrites

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