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Can the founder of the Community stand against his ancient gods?

I learned of Jason while writing my first novel. Because Joshua was so focused on his own trials and shy about discussing sensitive info, I only knew that Jason was the oldest of the Community vampires, having lived more than three millennia, some call him "King" (though not within his hearing), and he'd been attacked by a hunter with some kind of poison that appears to be killing him from the inside out. He lives, but is in the vampire equivalent of a coma. He received brief attention in my second novel, enough to let readers know he's still in pretty bad shape. Once the Dragon Lord had been satisfied, I turned my attention to the Council's most treasured Elder. He spoke up at last, and surprised me more than I can adequately explain.

My love for the legends of ancient Greece, and an obsession I had at the time for the television series, Hercules, the Legendary Journeys, probably influenced Jason's voice. The one-time King of Iolcus, who led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece, illuminated at last the potential to transform the Community's culture in a way I had never seen before. When I connected the legend to the vampire, I discovered a character with great wisdom and humanity, one uniquely capable of becoming the king of my clan because he already possessed a relationship with the deities, even if that relationship is still tenuous at best. I modeled his temperament after my husband, giving him a quirky sense of humor and easy-going ways that presented a dynamic change from my usual, serious-natured vampire. And so Jason was born.

To tell this story from the beginning, I needed to step backward about four years. At a point in Joshua's story that I won't describe here, Vincent informs his brother in darkness that Jason had begun a love hunt, and his gods were causing trouble. By then, my quiet couple had been dating for much more than a year. I placed the timeline of this story to four years after that point to give some of my characters time to...I'll say evolve. Then I closed my eyes, asked Jason how he met his love interest, and once again, the story took off on its own.

When we first meet Jason, we find him in sitting in a dive in Carrington, nursing a glass of Jack Daniels while he searches the bar's occupants for his evening meal. A woman enters who draws his attention, and before she leaves his sight that evening, he knows who she is to him - Cupid makes sure of that. He immediately sets about the preparations and plans to infiltrate her life, befriend her, and finally, to seduce her into his arms - a game he likes to call a "love hunt". There's just one problem standing in his way - she is protected by a Guardian Angel.

Mirissa Wellston is a rookie cop. She's been riding with her partner, Max, for two years, long enough for him to understand the strange premonitions she sometimes gets while on patrol. So when she expresses vague misgivings about Dr. Jason Thessalydis, an instructor and observer for Carrington's new Special Victims Unit, Max goes on the alert as well.

Jason overcomes his first obstacle, gaining permission from Mirissa's guardian, but that is only the beginning of his troubles. Hera is still out for revenge and engages the help of Ares in a supernatural attack against the citizens of Carrington. While things heat up in the city, bringing wave after wave of Rogues and engaging more and more Enforcement Augmentees in a desperate effort to control the situation, a new threat emerges. Dead Rogues are found killed by an unknown person - a hunter! Of course, if you've read Twilight Destiny, you know how that part of the story turns out - with Devon (a well respected member of the Council) slain and Jason in a coma.

The rest of the story, dear readers, you'll have to read for yourself. The trials this couple faces both before and after Jason's coma will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page is turned!

I had a lot of fun writing this story. Jason takes himself much more lightly than do the other members of the Community and was a joy to work with. I got to delve into Greek Mythology, a subject I've enjoyed all my life, and to combine that culture with Christianity. The blending of the two was tricky, but it opened my eyes to another way of thinking and led the way to the next story. I look forward to revisiting this work and preparing it for relaunch. I've missed Jason and Miri.

~ Tamara Monteau

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4 out of 5 stars - Fun and Easy Read
by Rhonda Valverde, "VampireRomanceBooks.com and ThatsErotica com"

"This exciting story takes place in modern times, but is blended with Greek mythology. I really like the way these two elements blended together seamlessly. The author makes sure there is more than enough action and romance to keep the reader entertained."
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