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The Midnight series came to an end,
but the story isn't over yet

Warning: if you haven't yet read Midnight Skye and don't want to know the ending, I'd advise you not to read this page!

As I wrote Midnight Skye, I followed the adventures of both Lucien and Christian when their paths split. When I reached over two hundred thousand words, I realized I was building an epic larger and more confusing than Secrets. I pulled back the reins, reevaluated the novel, and cut those portions not critical to my two main protagonists. The subtle shift away from Christian was a dead giveaway for any reader paying attention, but I kept the discarded scenes in case I needed them. And I did. I think Christian took the news the hardest. He argued adamantly over the value in his story, and took severe offence to my giving Lucien top billing in Midnight Skye, until I pointed out the benefits of relying on his profound patience. In the end, his story satisfied him more than had he been just a secondary character, and will better satisfy readers.

Now, if you have read Midnight Skye, you remember that Christian was injured and driven away from his cousin's estate. We know he was found by the Sen Aesir, and that he met a young woman named Emily who, at the end of Summer's tale, laid claim to the gentle warrior's heart. Hope wasn't kidding when she predicted both men would be happy with Summer's decision, but Christian's sudden elation was unexpected. So to tell Christian's side of things, I had to pick him up that final morning, as he and Summer prepared for rest on their final day in D'Arc Estate.

Sensing Lucien's spiritual presence the following evening, Christian leaves Summer with a stern warning to remain in her room while he pursues. Upon kicking in his cousin's bedroom door, he's struck in the head with a vicious magick, setting his mind ablaze. He runs until he cannot run anymore, precious memories slipping from his grasp until even his name becomes a mystery. A young woman with an unusual aura finds him and turns him over to Xavier, one of the Sen Aesir generals. When Xavier realizes the scope of his prize, he works to lure 'Chris' into following his clan's ways, knowing that if the Elder violates any Community law, the Bargain, a thing the Sen Aesir view as an abomination, would be shattered.

Chris is given a young virgin and told an innocent death will break the spell binding his mind, but even without his memories, our hero retains a confusing level of morality and cannot take a life without cause. He decides instead to take Emily's innocence, so she will no longer be a target to the others, and takes control so no other can take her without his permission. But after the deed is done and he soothes her to rest, Skye's face flickers in his memory. Although he cannot remember who she is, that she is important to him is clear, and makes keeping up apperances with Emily difficult without losing his heart.

Emily has been a fan of the Midnight saga ever since her mother gave her permission to read the steamy romances. Her love for the main characters inspired her to form a local fan club, and her favorite femme fatale inspires her tastes in clothing and decor. When she's abducted by a vampire after work one night, her whole reality abruptly shifts. Realizing she had landed on the wrong side of the vampire tracks and probably won't live through the night if she doesn't keep her wits, she issues an urgent prayer that good vampires, like her favorite character, Philippe, exist, and that God would send him to her. Imagine her surprise when a blond frenchman enters the room she's being held in.

Separating Christian's story gave me the ability to learn more about the nearly eighteen-year-old girl that stole an Elder's heart, and some of the things Emily accomplished during their time in captivity really impressed me. She's thoughtful, insightful, and great at putting puzzles together. While she helps Chris attempt to regain his identity, she realizes that her fondest wish is within her grasp. But it wouldn't be fair to ask for his love if he belongs to another, and Emily accepts the circumstances with unusual maturity.

Readers of Midnight Skye already know what happens after Christian and Emily are liberated. Christian must do a great deal of soul searching while he questions the value of his profound patience, because it was just that creed that led to so much trauma. Free to follow his heart, Christian puts plans together to both retrieve Emily and prepare for his move to Bonchance, his boyhood home in France. Will Emily, once faced with the free choice she was denied before, choose to answer his Vow and heal the second cousin?

This book is currently in rough draft, but so near completion I'm ready to give it polish before sending it to my professional editor. The loss of Haven's Realm's home, Secret Cravings Publishing, has stalled progress while I regroup and prepare the series for relaunch. I've learned so much between my first release to now that even I find my earliest works "cringe worthy". At the time of this posting, Treacherous Destiny is ready for submission, and I'm assembling the background essentials a potential new publisher will ask for. I want to sort all my ducks and line them up in a proper row before I press 'send'. I'm almost there.

What's next for the Realm? I can't say for certain, but Trey has been speaking the loudest. For those of you who are familiar with him, I'm not referring to the power in his deep voice. He'll embark on a mission to investigate the Liberato, and become captivated by an exotic dancer. I also have stories in mind for Daniel - Bastien's friend and member of the enforcement league, Gabriel - the governor of the Liberato, Carloman - the Chancellor of the Savant, and even Antonia, who's adventure will be, truly, beyond belief. These are to name a few, and more speak up all the time.

Thank you for your patience, cherished readers. I'm working hard to make Haven's Realm the best I can, and am confident I'll find the saga a new home soon.

Respectfully submitted,

~Tamara Monteau

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August, 2014 -
Portions of Midnight Skye assembled for followup story.

February 25, 2015 -
Began writing

August, 2015 -
First draft completed

September, 2015 -
All books removed from sale - publisher bankrupt. Began rewriting series

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