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Your writing process sounds quite interesting. How does the editing phase go for you?

Editing is dry work. I like it about as much as I like having a tooth filled. Unfortunately, itís fact-of-life for writers. I do my best to disassociate myself from the story and pay attention to the words. Itís not always easy.

As for writing, I obsess for months before I put the first words down. I have a tendency to live my characterís experiences, and in time they even develop their own ďvoiceĒ. I remember fondly one day when I wrote a segment for Havenís King, and I was so thrilled by what Jason shared with me I did a happy dance for over an hour.

As someone who loves reading paranormal fiction, Iím always interested in seeing how different authors treat the same basic material. What do you think makes your vampire series stand out from all the others?

The true nature of the vampire Community is not revealed until Havenís King, but in this case I suppose a spoiler is called for.

The Community is a new clan of vampires established six hundred years ago and sworn to the power of the Bargain. Some of my vampire history is revealed as I began exploring the Community in book three, Dragon Lord. In short, the Community is a new clan comprised of disenfranchised vampires who, according to their mostly Noble creed, simply wished to be left alone to live in peace. Jason stood at the heart of that Bargain while standing toe-to-toe with Archangel Michael (Christian), and the gods and goddesses of Olympus (Greek).

I wonít tell you any more than that. Sorry. Suffice it to say, they are a civilized group, leaving as little footprint on humanity as possible as they adjust to and explore the passage of time. But they also have the responsibility of policing after the troublemakers of their kind, clans like the Rogues who resemble the most basic form of Nosferatu, being they are mindless killers driven only by hunger and instinct, and much more dangerous clans, such as the Liberato, who share their makeup in other projects Iíve read, in that they are the troublemakers of the vampire world Ė the anarchists.

My strongly Christian background fought tooth and nail against my dark fascinations, until I found a happy medium. Now both sides of my world live in peace. I wish Havenís Community was so lucky.

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