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January 26, 2016 - Submission Process Begun!

I have completed all the supporting documentation, double-checked the website of the publisher I'm targeting first, took a deep breath, and submitted Treacherous Destiny for consideration. Their review process can (and hopefully will) take three months. If I hear back sooner than that, I hope it's for corrections to my submission. I'm both excited and terrified, probably not something new to my fellow authors. As for the Community, they have been feeling much more optimistic of late, and Trey feels so confident he's begun confiding in me. A good thing, I think, except that I need to polish the rest of the series first. If the big guy can settle for bedtime musings while I do what I must, his will be the next tale to tell!

January 13, 2016

After a great deal of research, and with the invaluable help of my former SCP editor, I'm delighted to announce that my first Haven's Realm novel is ready for submission. I'm putting the finishing touches on the synopsis and preparing a query I hope will make it hard for a prospective publisher to say no to.

Am I nervous? You bet! Approaching publishing houses with your literary child in your arms can be a daunting task, but I have every confidence that the right publisher will love my series, if I can only get them to set one foot inside Haven's doors.

I didn't realize how much Haven's Realm had grown, or, for that matter, how much I have grown as a writer, until I dissected Twilight Destiny and began my rewrite. Joshua and Catherine's story, while the same in plot, is much more robust, cleaner, and more passionate. The most significant improvement lies in the level of detail. Now that I know so much more about the Community and their governing Council, I've improved upon the underlying culture and answered the questions my first releases left open. I've also changed the title in hopes of alleviating some of the confusion I've encountered in the past. Those of you who have read Twilight Destiny will find Treacherous Destiny a much more satisfying read, I can promise you that!

So cross your fingers and dare a prayer for my vampire family. I don't expect the first results of my query campaign to return for three months, but I will keep you informed of my progress.

Thank you all for your patience!

~Tamara Monteau, Author

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