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Sad times for the members of
the Vampire Community

It breaks my heart to announce that Haven's Realm has been taken off the market. Our publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing, has suffered under the economic downturn and is forced to go out of business.

Sandy Sullivan, the founder of SCP, provided her authors with a place to learn and grow, and I've learned much in the four years I spent among them. I can feel us each beginning to going our separate ways, but we've pledged to keep in touch. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Sandy, adding my voice to many others, for all she's done to help me grow as an author. No matter where I turn, I will always hold respect and gratitude for her, and pray she lands firmly on her feet.

I would also especially like to thank;
Beth Walker, who helped me coin my brand, Haven's Realm, and tie all my works together so splendidly;
Stephanie Balistreri, my editor and personal advisor - girl, you so totally rock;
Ariana Gaynor, managing editor, whose patient guideance helped me make following the style sheet almost automatic;
and Dawné Dominique, for putting up with my quirks and designing some fabulous cover art.

As for Haven and my Community, I'll tell you this - it isn't over. I'm stepping back, picking up the pieces, and exploring my options. If I can gather the courage my heroines have in abundance, I'll attempt the impossible and seek an agent willing to give my work a shot at the big guys. Finding a publisher who will take my previously published series, as big as the stories are, will be difficult.

Jason and his Council sit in a circle on the floor of Haven's library, a single candle burning before them, their heads bowed in deep sorrow and uncertainty. The rest of the Community stands vigil outside the intricately carved doors, occupying the grand entry hall. Every face is solumn, every heart heavy. My dearest friends are counting on me to keep their spirits alive, and I can't let them down. I promise you, my cherished readers, that I will find a way to bring Haven's Realm back!

~Tamara Monteau
September 3, 2015

The Romance Reviews

600 years ago, a new clan arose...

With war between vampire clans escalating and the mortal population taking notice, a group of brave friends, led by Jason, former king from ancient Greece, gathered atop Mount Olympus. Their goal? To strike a bargain with all higher powers, one unlike any conceived before.

Welcome to Haven's Realm and the Vampire Community. The stories in this sag

a bring an end to the tremulous peace between the clans. The Council of Elders must do all they can to avoid an all-out war and defend the Bargain. The vampires of the Community seek to minimize their footprint on the mortal world, and desire most of all to be left in peace to explore their gifts and all of creation.

While each Haven's Realm story may be read separately, and have different characters of their own, this sensual romance series paints an on-going struggle that grows with each tale as the saga unfolds.


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