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Greetings, lovers of the paranormal!

Thank you for dropping by! I am Tamara Monteau, author of the vampire romance series Haven's Realm. Once a child of the Pacific Northwest, I now reside in Georgia. To learn more about me and why I became a writer, please visit my Author page.

Haven's Realm is currently out of print, but my vampire clan, the Community, is not down for the count, I promise. I have begun the submission process with Treacherous Destiny. Please keep your eyes on the News page for the most current updates.

Because the most important characters return as the underlying plot unfolds, I've put together a Community glossary, where you can review their vital statistics and learn a little about their culture. In addition, I've answered some of my readers' most Frequently Asked Questions.

There are currently seven completed books in this series, with more to come. I've written articles explaining why I wrote each one and offer background on how the stories evolved. Please feel free to take a peek, but I warn you, if you haven't yet read the series, you may find spoilers. At least two of these stories are too closely related to explain without giving something away.

I would love to hear from you, and I always answer reader inquiries, so please contact me. You can also find me on Facebook, my most usual haunt. My blog site contains many articles of interest to vampire enthusiasts, news and updates, and, on occasion, guest bloggers.

So come on in and have a look around. My friends won't bite without permission, but they will attempt to leave you enthralled.

Respectfully submitted,

~Tamara Monteau, Author

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The Romance Reviews

600 years ago, a new clan arose...

With war between vampire clans escalating and the mortal population taking notice, a group of brave friends, led by Jason, former king from ancient Greece, gathered atop Mount Olympus. Their goal? To strike a bargain with all higher powers, one unlike any conceived before.

Welcome to Haven's Realm and the Vampire Community. The stories in this saga bring an end to the tremulous peace between the clans. The Council of Elders must do all they can to avoid an all-out war and defend the Bargain. The vampires of the Community seek to minimize their footprint on the mortal world, and desire most of all to be left in peace to explore their gifts and all of creation.

While each Haven's Realm story may be read separately, and have different characters of their own, this sensual romance series paints an on-going struggle that grows with each tale as the saga unfolds. These novels are intended for mature readers.


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